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Mobile Cat Grooming Services

K9 Clips is a full service cat grooming facility. We ensure that we only groom one pet a time, meaning your cat will get our full service and attention!

We offer our full line of pet care services in-house as well as at your location with our Mobile pet Grooming service. Our mobile service can come right to your home to groom and do a check on the health of your cat! Don’t let your furry friends risk their health, we can bridge that gap between vet visits and make sure all is well!

Our full service pet grooming includes all of the following:

  • Mobile full service cat grooming
  • Massaging bath with all natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Haircut of your choice – breed specific or other
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Tooth cleaning
  • Medicated bath or flea bath if necessary
  • Towel dry and warm air drying
  • A general check over looking for any issues like fleas, ticks, infections, lumps, etc.
  • The absolute best treatment for your cat, we treat every single animal we care for as if they’re our own.

A lot of people really do think that cats have nine lives, so they don’t play close attention to their health. Well, cats are more sensitive than you may think. Something as simple as a wrong landing can lead to a leg or foot injury that could go un-noticed.

People with inside cats generally don’t even visit the vet much, so we could be the only other line of defense between them and health issues. As often as you probably do rub your cat, it’s easy to miss lumps or spots on the belly or in other areas you never touch.

We keep an eye on everything, check out every part of your cat, and do our best to ensure their health is where it needs to be.

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Common Misconceptions About Cats

cat# 1: Indoor Cats Can’t Get Sick

While the general health of indoor cats is much better than outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats, they do still need regular veterinary check ups and vaccines. There are still highly contagious diseases for indoor cats, and your vet knows best when it comes to keeping them healthy. Pathogens can easily travel into your home on your clothing or any other materials. The best way to identify if your cat is sick or ailing is just to keep an eye on them, look out for any odd or different behaviors they may be exhibiting. Cats will often become more reclusive and hide themselves if they’re sick. You see them every day, you’re their first line of defense when it comes to health!

#2: You NEVER Need to Bathe Your Cat.

Cats are very well known for being self-cleaning. However, there are occasions when a bath will be the best thing for your cat. They may have soiled themselves in the litter box or had a dingleberry. Cats have been known to try to climb up the inside of a chimney or other dirty places they shouldn’t go. Perhaps you’ve just adopted a new cat and she’s home from the animal shelter for the first time, one good bathing wouldn’t be a bad idea. Sometimes you will need to know how to give a cat a bath if you’re using flea or fungicidal medications. If you don’t want to have to wrangle your cat on your own, you can come to us for all of your grooming needs!

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