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Our pets are our family members. They often mean as much as if not more than some of your human family members. They love us just as much as we love them. With that being said, you wouldn’t want one of your family members to have worms, fleas, ingrown toenails, or matted hair, would you? Nobody wants to suffer through those little annoyances in life, so don’t make your dogs and cats do it! Our pet grooming services can take care of all of this and more! With out mobile services, you hardly have to leave the comforts of your home, just come meet us at the curb. We ensure that we offer a totally stress and cage-free environment for all of the pets we work with, we want them to be as comfortable with and around us as possible.

Most of us do take our pets to the vet on a regular basis, probably every year or so, maybe a bit more frequently for your outside pets. But even between those visits, your little buddy could easily pick up worms or start developing a lump somewhere you may never see or feel it. While grooming we pay close attention to your pet, looking out for any identifiers or signs of underlying issues that may need treatment sooner rather than later!

Professional Cat & Dog Grooming

Liselle Clowers is the owner and operator of K-9 Clips. She has been woking with animals for 30 years now. Since earning a B.S. in Animal Sciences from the North Carolina State University, Liselle began caring for animals in Johnston County and the surrounding area. She has been a pet groomer for 22 of those 30 years, learning the ins and outs of the trade, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. She has an amazing mix of both knowledge and experience that she puts to use every day and with every single animal she encounters! You probably won’t be able to find another groomer with her abilities.

Liselle will work closely with you, your pet, and your veterinarian. Liselle’s training and extensive experience allow her to be able to detect issues with your pet such as an unusual growth or a normal “age bump”, an odd skin condition that needs further examination, or anything out of the ordinary. The average person may notice things, but have no idea how to act depending on what they find. K9 Clips on the other hand, will know exactly what they’re looking at and can then advise you further on what you should do next, in the best interest of you and all of your pets!

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